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Preacher Training Bible Study Sessions

I and my father, Balasundarao, has been conducting Bible Study and Training for preachers in our area for 15 ten years. The Bible study training sessions are held one day per month in our home. These Bible study training sessions are very valuable to the preachers in our congregations, as they are able to more fully study the Word of God and to be better prepared to share the Gospel with others in order to lead lost souls to Christ. The Bible study sessions provide an opportunity for preachers to participate in an in-depth study of God’s Word so they can increase and develop their knowledge and understanding of the scriptures. In addition to providing in-depth Bible studies for the preachers, Brother Balasundarao also provides them with lunch (prepared by my mother, Sister Santha and helpers) and traveling expenses. When he can afford it, Brother Balasundarao also provides a little money to the preachers for daily living expenses. Currently, approximately ten to fifteen preachers attend the training sessions each month.

Preachers Training Bible Study Goals

 The Bible training sessions are an invaluable part of the Church of Christ India Mission Work and the gospel work that we do. The spreading of the gospel in our area depends greatly on having well-trained native preachers who have knowledge of God’s Word and how to share it with others through preaching and teaching. We would like to expand the Bible training sessions that we provide to local preachers. We would like to increase the frequency of the sessions from one day per month to at least one day per week. We could accomplish so much more in relation to providing in-depth training to our preachers if we were able to conduct the sessions at least one time per week. We would also like to increase the number of preachers who attend these training sessions from ten to fifteen to twenty to twenty-five. Brother Balasundarao also helps these preachers by providing clothing when he is able to do so.

1) Funding for the preacher’s lunch and traveling expenses to and from our home where the training sessions are located;

2) Funding for the food used to prepare the preachers’ lunches;

3) Funding for a stipend to provide to the preachers who attend to help with their daily needs and living expenses; and

4) Funding for occasional provision of clothing to the needy preachers.

If you would like to be a part of the Preacher Training Bible Study sessions by providing support and encouragement, please feel free to contact me. The preachers and all those with the Church of Christ India Mission Work will greatly appreciate your assistance and support in this very worthwhile gospel work that we are involved in to train preachers in our area in the Word of God.

Helping Bicycles to the preachers and Tricycles to the Physically handicapped preachers

We have many needy preachers in the congregations we serve who have no means of transportation to and from places of worship and house visiting prayer meetings within and between villages. They walk for miles to proclaim the Gospel in nearer villages, as they are poor and unable to afford traveling expenses such as bus fares or rickshaw (taxi) fees. We have provided bicycles to needy preachers to help them move about more easily within and between villages in our area. These bicycles have been a great help to these preachers, allowing them to more easily and quickly travel to their church buildings to preach in their congregations, to meet with village families for house visiting prayers and to reach closer villages to proclaim the Gospel.

One elderly preacher in one of the congregations suffered from diabetes and, as a result of this condition, had to have one of his legs amputated. However, he had a strong desire to continue preaching the Word of God to people in the village, despite having only one leg. To get to and from the church building and to visit families for house visiting prayers and thanksgiving prayer meetings, this old physically handicapped preacher had to crawl using his one remaining leg and his arms. We obtained crutches for this old preacher to help him get around more easily. However, he was unable to use the crutches effectively due to problems he had balancing himself upright. Although he tried very much to use the crutches, he was often falling down and sustaining injuries from his attempts. We then provided this old preacher with a custom-made hand tricycle to help him get from one place to another more easily. The hand tricycle has the pedal mechanism on top so the preacher can pedal with his hands and arms in order to move from one place to another. This old preacher was extremely happy to be gifted with this means of transportation and learned to use the hand tricycle very quickly. He now moves about the village so much more easily and quickly and has no trouble getting to the church building for worship services nor to the house visiting prayers and thanksgiving prayer meetings with families in the village. This very needful tricycle permitted this old preacher to continue preaching the Gospel despite his physical handicap, something he very much wanted to do. He thanked God and us for gifting him with this very special tricycle which has solved many problems for him and has improved his way of life tremendously. We have several preachers who do not have access to bicycles for help with their transportation needs, who still have to walk for miles to conduct their gospel work. If you would like to help provide bicycles for these needy preachers, please feel free to contact me.

We have several poor tribal congregations where most of the Church families hardly eat once or twice a day .Orphan kids and widows from these congregations hardly eat once a day. Some of the Church members are fisher men ,but they do not have fishing nets to fish and make money from it.We helped them with Fishing nets and now these church members are so happy with the fishing nets and making little money from it with which they are now able to feed their families to keep them away from starving.Thanks to God for these fishing nets to the poor tribal church members.If you would like to help these benevolent works for the Lord please do not hesitate to contact me.